Charvarius Ward: Three Reasons For The Chiefs To Re-Sign Him

Do you think the Chiefs should re-sign Charvarius Ward?

As free agency looms closer and closer, it’s always fun to look at the more high-valued free agents on the market. When I say “high-valued,” I mean it in monetary terms than a top free-agency ranking list. One high-valued free agent that the Chiefs may re-sign this offseason is none other than former undrafted free agent cornerback Charvarius Ward.

Ward has improved from his 2020 season, garnering 67 total tackles, two tackles for a loss, ten pass deflections, and two interceptions. Right now, he’s an unrestricted free agent and someone who the Chiefs want to bring back for another few years. You’re probably asking yourselves why the Chiefs would re-sign him? Well, here are three reasons why:

Charvarius Ward Has Improved Well In Coverage

This season was a great one for improvement for Charvarius Ward, especially in coverage (specifically man coverage). In 13 games, Ward was targetted 76 times, and on those targets, he allowed 39 receptions per PFR; this was a whopping 51.3% completion percentage. Additionally, Ward only had three games all season where he allowed more than 45 yards receiving. Compared to last year, this was an improvement when he allowed a 57.1% completion percentage on fewer targets. To add on further, he also allowed an average 79.4 QB rating.

Of course, there were some concerns. He did allow over 500 yards receiving and four touchdowns, too. Now, Ward can improve on this and work on it as the season progresses; he has a whole offseason to do so. Furthermore, it’s not hard to predict that the yard’s numbers will go up when you’re targetted that much. Ward can certainly lower this number, but that’ll be a wait-and-see moment.

Ward Is A Great Pure Tackling Corner

Any defensive coordinator loves a great tackler, no matter the position, as one missed tackle can change the tide of the whole game; Charvarius Ward fits the bill of a great tackler. As stated before, Ward garnered 67 total tackles (fifth overall on the Chiefs in 2021); of those tackles, Ward had 48 solo tackles. Furthermore, Ward has missed a five percent missed tackle percentage, which is the lowest percentage of the top-75 cornerbacks since 2019.

This shows that if the football lands in the receiver’s hands and secures the catch, Ward will immediately be there to secure the tackles. This aids in halting a team’s and player’s yards after the catch abilities.

Ward Is In The Chiefs’ Affordability Range

One of the bigger reasons to re-sign Charvarius Ward is that Ward is easily in the Chiefs’ affordability range. Per Spotrac, Ward is expected to have a $9.9 million annual market value. Compared to other cornerbacks who have had similar stat lines through the years (i.e., Ronald Darby and Kendall Fuller), it’s not surprising that his price tag will be in that range. Also, it could be lowered due to the number of touchdowns he allowed.

Once releases, restructures, and the like are made, the Chiefs will have an ample amount of money to spend. They could easily throw a fair contract towards Ward’s way and then work to re-sign/sign other key free agents, like Melvin Ingram.

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