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Mike Kafka Heading To NYG: Who Could Replace Him?

Who do you think will be the new Chiefs' quarterback's coach to replace Mike Kafka?

It’s official, Mike Kafka is leaving Kansas City for future endeavors; he has been the quarterback’s coach for the Chiefs since 2018 and their passing game coordinator since 2020. Kafka recently signed a deal with the New York Giants, making him their new offensive coordinator. This is an essential hire for Brian Daboll’s new coaching staff down in New York:

The Chiefs are now searching to fill that hole in the coaching staff. There are a lot of coaches/former players that could take this role; so let’s break down and see who could be the new quarterback’s coach for the Chiefs:

The Main Options

Matt Nagy

One of the first names that come to mind is Matt Nagy. Nagy was the former Chiefs’ quarterback’s coach from 2013-2015 when Andy Reid was first hired and their offensive coordinator from 2016-2017. He could take over Mike Kafka’s position, which he did well with when he formerly held the role. He was the Chicago Bears’ head coach from 2018-2021 but was fired after the Bears’ last game.

Nagy and Mahomes have a good bond already. Mahomes went on to say back in 2020, “Nagy was amazing with me and my transition into the NFL; being able to relate to me, being able to go out there and let me play fast and be who I am.” It’s clear that Nagy would fit well back with not only the Chiefs’ culture but the players themselves.

However, many are concerned with how he is now. Remember, in his last year coaching with the Chicago Bears; he limited Justin Field’s playing style with his style of play-calling, which did cause them to lose a motherlode of games. Maybe he could aid in doing the same to Mahomes, which is what no one wants; there’s an uncertainty there.

Alex Smith

A Chiefs’ fandom favorite, many are now calling for hiring former Chiefs’ quarterback, Alex Smith, to take Mike Kafka’s role. Smith was the Chiefs’ quarterback from 2013-2017, giving them a winning season each time. Furthermore, Smith served as a significant role model for none other than Patrick Mahomes, who Smith aided in taking his football IQ and game to new heights.

Smith would be a perfect fit for this role. Not only is he a former pro quarterback with 14 years of on-the-field NFL experience, but he already knows Andy Reid’s system and can help Mahomes improve his skill set more than he already has. However, no one knows if Smith is interested in the coaching game. There’ll be a spot open for him on the coaching staff if he is.

A Could Be, But Probably Not

Michael Vick

Did you know Micheal Vick was a coaching intern for the Chiefs back in 2017? Shocking, I know, but he could be another variable for who the Chiefs want as the next quarterback’s coach. While this would be more of a dark horse addition, it could always happen. Vick revolutionized the quarterback game and has the crucial player for why the mobile (running) quarterback took off. He was also a four-time Pro Bowler with the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick would be a good addition to the Chiefs’ coaching staff; however, I don’t see it as likely. If you chose to add Alex Smith or Michael Vick, most would rather have Smith in this role. Don’t be surprised if he gets a look, though.

Who do you think will be the new Chiefs’ quarterback’s coach to replace Mike Kafka? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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