Three Chiefs’ Players That Won’t Be Re-Signed This Offseason

Which Chiefs' players do you believe will not be resigned by the front office?

It’s that time of the year again; the offseason has begun for the Chiefs, and it’s time to plan for the future. Along with prepping for the draft and looking at free agents, the Chiefs must look at their team to see who they should r-esign. There are multiple players that the Chiefs will have to consider, including Jerick McKinnon, Darrel Williams, Orlando Brown Jr., and many others.

With that said, not everyone will be brought back for another season for the kingdom. Some haven’t lived up to their expectations and must pursue future endeavors. Here are three Chiefs’ players that won’t be re-signed this offseason by them:

Demarcus Robinson, WR

Before the 2021-22 season, Demarcus Robinson proclaimed that he would have a 1,000+ yard, TEN touchdown season. Well, Robinson was only able to manage to get 264 receiving yards on 25 catches plus three touchdowns on 50% of offensive snaps. When you check the snap count, it’s not that grand; furthermore, Robinson only had one game of 75+ receiving yards (Wild Card against Pittsburg) and failed to catch a single pass on four targets in the final two games. He had 64% and 70% of offensive snaps in those games, respectively.

Robinson had tough times not only trying to get open, but when he’d receive the ball, he’d always tend to run backward; it was like he was trying to mimic Tyreek Hill’s style of play. This failed horrendously, as you can see from the stats. Robinson has also never had a season of over 500 receiving yards or five touchdowns. He hasn’t lived up to any expectation the Chiefs have had for him, and it may be time for him to search greener pastures.

Ben Niemann, LB

A Spagnuolo favorite, Ben Niemann has finished up the last year of his contract. With that said, many of the Chiefs’ fandom wish to see him leave, and I don’t blame them. On 50% of snaps, Niemann had 57 combined tackles (seventh on the team); however, he also had a 10.9% missed tackle rate. Niemann was also a liability in coverage, allowing an 80.6 completion percentage, 321 receiving yards, and a touchdown.

Niemann never truly lived up to the task, whether it be missing assignments, missing key tackles, and so on; PFF’s 47.3 grade confirms his poor play despite being a backup. If the Chiefs need to bring on a cheap role-playing LB, I feel like they can find someone else to take his place or find someone in the draft in the later rounds.

Kyle Long, RG

Kyle Long was brought onto the Chiefs for one thing only; to bolster the interior offensive line. The Bucs’ defense eviscerated last year’s Chiefs o-line, and it needed a serious revamp. Long inked a one-year, $1.5 million contract with $1.45 million guaranteed at signing. However, due to Long injuring his left knee in practice in June of 2021; he was placed on the PUP list.

This led to Long not playing a game all season; furthermore, his injury led to the emergence of sixth-round rookie Trey Smith, who had a 72.8 PFF grade, was a beast in run blocking, and was named to PFF’s All-Rookie Team. And he started in all 17 games this season. With Smith’s good rookie season, it’s safe to say that Long will be testing the free agency waters this offseason.

Other Chiefs’ That I Think Won’t Be Back

Daniel Sorensen, S: Sorensen played well in the end, but a 25% missed tackle rate plus all the botched coverages hurt him significantly.

Mike Hughes, CB: Hughes had one good game but then fizzled out near the end when it mattered. Larger receivers were also able to bully him and catch some key targets.

Andrew Wylie, T: Wylie has been beaten on snaps a ton this season, missed assignments, and has been only adequate. He has also allowed four sacks when playing in 57% of the Chiefs’ offensive snaps.

Which Chiefs’ players do you believe will not be re-signed by their front office? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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