Counting Down The Top Five Moments Of Patrick Mahomes’ Career (So Far)

How would you rank Patrick Mahomes' top moments of his career thus far?

The Bills and Chiefs game on Sunday was one of the greatest finishes to a football game we’ve ever seen; arguably the best ever. We witnessed two extraordinary performances by a pair of MVP caliber quarterbacks that hurled haymaker after haymaker, each appearing to land the last devastating blow to their counterpart, only to get caught celebrating prematurely. After all the dust settled, the Kansas City Reaper came through time and again when it mattered most in the clutch, and Patrick Mahomes added yet another notch to his already impressive belt of historical moments in his career.

Here’s a countdown of Patrick Mahomes’ top five moments thus far in his career with Sunday’s game in mind.

FIVE: Left Handed Pass In Denver

Ah, the iconic left-handed pass we’ve all come to love. As Kansas City faces a critical third down late in the game, Mahomes miraculously manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat, converting by use of a left-handed shovel pass to Tyreek Hill. Adding to the difficulty of the throw was the future Hall of Famer Von Miller, twisting Mahomes down by the legs as the ball is released.

Not only was this play an incredible example of the type of athleticism Mahomes possesses, but it showcased the undeniable ability Mahomes has to improvise on the fly and go off script with success. This was when Patrick Mahomes got introduced to the world on the national level, and the night Mahomes picked up the first primetime win of his career.

FOUR: The No Look Pass

One of the single most memorable plays of any regular-season game in recent memory. We all heard the stories back in the training camp of 2018, leading up to Mahomes’ first season as the Chiefs single-caller. Patrick was throwing no-look passes left and right and regularly tossing the ball behind his back. However, this is where we officially got in for the first time in live game action. Mahomes gets the ball, looks left, looks back to the middle of the field, then fires a strike to Demarcus Robinson, who’s streaming across the field to Mahomes’ left.

The abnormality? Mahomes head is facing the middle of the field, as his eyes pull defenders to a brief hesitation, creating separation for Robinson as he releases the ball. The no-look pass was so famous that EA Sports’ Madden NFL video game added it as animation and ability specifically for Mahomes in-game.

THREE: Second Quarter Of The Texans Divisional Game

We all remember those painful chokes in the playoffs over the years as Chiefs fans; this is where we finally got to enjoy the feeling of being on the other end of the meltdown stick. After a disastrous start to the game and quickly dropping down 24-0 early in the second quarter, Mahomes and company turned it on quickly. The Chiefs received the ball with 10:54 left in the half and finished out the last ten minutes going on a 28-0 run that saw Mahomes throw for four touchdowns and the Chiefs sporting a 28-24 lead at halftime.

The 24 point comeback was good for the fourth-largest comeback in playoff history. However, the most impressive part of this feat is that Mahomes erased the large deficient in less than a single quarter of play.

TWO: Final Two Minutes And Overtime Of Bills Divisional Game

Fresh off the victory on Sunday, this historic finish, without a doubt, goes down as one of Mahomes’ greatest moments thus far in his career. Patrick Mahomes lit it up in the final two minutes and overtime, throwing for 188 yards and two touchdowns to win the game. This was a showcase of Mahomes coming up in the clutch three straight possessions in a row with the game on the line, including the already famous 13-second drive where we saw Mahomes drive the Chiefs into field goal range in just two plays to tie the game, earning his new nickname, the Kansas City Reaper. Regardless of how the season finishes, Kansas City will be re-watching this one all offseason long.

ONE: Jet Chip Wasp

Finally, here at number one, we have the best moment thus far in Patrick Mahomes’ career, Jet Chip Wasp. This play single handily kept the Chiefs alive in Super Bowl LIV and instigated Kansas City’s 21-0 run to close out the Super Bowl that propelled Kansas City to their first Championship in 50 years. What makes this moment even greater is the fact that Mahomes specifically asked to run Wasp during a break on the sidelines, successfully convincing Eric Bieniemy and Andy Reid to run it on 3rd and 15. This play will go down in Chiefs’ history lore along with 65 Toss Power Trap as one of the greatest moments in franchise history.

How would you rank Patrick Mahomes’ top moments of his career thus far? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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